Protect yourself and be prepared for the unthinkable and unexpected. Put the new MegaMover® products to the test. Supply your responders with the best equipment for the job. For more information on the new MegaMover®  products request your distributor package today.

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MegaMover® Disaster Response Transport Unit:



MegaMover® Tactical Portable Transport Unit:



These first responders addressed the need for the right equipment -

and responded by helping Graham design two new models.


Captain Michael Wright

Being no stranger to mass casualty events involving unsecured areas, and victims often exceeding the number of responders, Captain Michael Wright, now President of Southeast Tactical LLC,  wanted a more efficient way to transport victims out of harm’s way. Captain Wright worked with Graham Medical to design a modified MegaMover® for effective patient transport in Disaster Response.

“The original product was for general use; it wasn’t earmarked for [the disaster response] environment.”



Fire Chief Joe Pulvermacher

After being involved in two active shooter incidents, Fire Chief Joe Pulvermacher contacted Graham Medical because he wanted to design a more effective MegaMover® for tactical use in mass casualty, hostile environments. His experience in these types of situations opened his eyes to the need for a better device.

“The agile nature of [tactical] response requires different equipment… [we] needed a better serving device for the tactical environment.”



What needed to be addressed for mass casualty incidents:

  • Drag Straps  
  • Weight Capacity   
  • MegaMover®  Size  
  • Ambiguous Design  
  • Personnel Needed  
  • Responder Safety  
  • Patient Stability  

Intuitive Design


User Safety


Made By First Responders